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CK10 Intel Core™ i7-10810U


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8th Gen Intel i7-10810U Micro PC with Win11 OS

Faster, better and larger capacity

Stable connection, fast transmission

4K Resolution and Triple Display support

Space saving Design


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  • Abhishek Gupta
    Very powerful for its small form factor. It runs smoothly even for heavy apps. Even multi-tasking does not slow it down. Overall, much more powerful than i expected

    The pc has Intel i7 with 16 gigs of ram and 512GB of solid state hard drive. So it will serve me for years to come. I like how they have multiple USB, HDMI and USB-C ports. Good to see that Kamrui has kept expandability in mind

    Overall a very well built pc and i am a happy camper
  • Srikar
    I have been using my Laptop and Desktop computer. I have purchased this MIni Pc to replace my big tower desktop. I have connected the mini pc to my 4k UHD monitor. This mini pc can be connected to 3 monitors * 2X hdmi and 1 X VGA port). it has 16 gb of memory and 512 Gb of hard drive. Unfortunatly we cannot increase the memory as memory is installed on the motherboard. we can add additional nvme drive. This pc has Nvme Sata drive. It would have been better if we had got NVME drive in it. This pc can be mounted at back of the monitor.
    This PC is good for beginners and mid level users. mid level games can be played with this device without any lag
    this device comes with pre built Windows 11 pro
    Overall performance is really impressive
  • Anna Lin
    I purchased the Mini PC with 16GB RAM and Intel Core i7-10810U processor and I have been blown away by its performance. The mini computer tower is incredibly powerful, with the six-core processor allowing me to run multiple applications simultaneously without any lag or slowdown. The Windows 11 Pro operating system is also very user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and customize. The mini desktop computer tower supports triple display 4K resolution, which is perfect for my work as a graphic designer. The NVME SATA SSD and USB 3.0 ports provide lightning-fast data transfer speeds, while the Type C and LAN ports provide additional connectivity options. The mini PC is also very compact and sleek, making it the perfect HTPC for my living room. I have been using it for almost two months and I am very satisfiedOverall, I highly recommend the Mini PC to anyone looking for a powerful and versatile small desktop computer.Love it!
  • I bought the KAMRUI CK10 because it had 5X the storage space, 40% more RAM, and took up much less space than my ancient home tower computer. It also uses Windows 11, which I found was becoming more and more necessary. On top of that, it was a great value for the money and Amazon Prime delivered it in one day!
    I had no problem installing the system besides the usual issues with Windows 11 trying to control your previously purchased applications.
    Now I am able to load all my files and programs and have never had a slow memory problem. It's great!

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